Tannbourne’s mission is to find and publish good books. It would also be nice to sell some of them!

As a start-up company (one person, kitchen sink, cat!) the company has enthusiasm and a lifelong love of books.  On the other hand, the company does not have the might of a big publishing house, distribution chain and salesforce and the big retail chains are unlikely to be inviting me in for meetings anytime soon.

If you can find a literary agent or a publisher with a track record then to be completely honest your book will do better with them.

However, if you have so far been unable to find an agent and if the mainstream publishers won’t even review your submissions then what do you have to lose?

I am determined to produce books to a good quality mainstream standard to give them the maximum chance of success in the marketplace.

If you have a manuscript to submit please get in touch by email first with a synopsis.

The Editor.

email address –> editor followed by the symbol for the word “at” and then tannbourne.com