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Vampires don't belong in fairytales

Vampires don’t belong in fairytales …

Lucinda has a wicked stepfather to defeat. Not hers, her father is  very nice and is letting her save up for that plane ticket she wants so badly.

No, she’s been employed as a prince, her boss having run out of real ones, and she has dragons to fight, damsels to rescue and a usurper to dethrone.

And to do it she’s got the help of a witch who won’t use magic, a vampire who won’t terrorise the villagers (much to their annoyance) and two princesses who might have qualified as damsels in distress if only they weren’t causing so much of their own.

In the Otherworlds, where your species can be a job description and good is expected to win over evil without even breaking a sweat, it should have been easy.

But the stories are breaking, and nothing is that simple any more.

Is a plane ticket really worth all this..?

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Eggs, Butter, Sugar and DisasterRecipe for Ragnarok :

First take a generous helping of Seralina, whisk up into the Norse pantheon, add dwarves to taste and sprinkle with a dash of immortality.

Leave to mature for just the right amount of time.

Now settle back and enjoy a fun trip through several afterlives and see if Seralina can stop Ragnarok.

“I laughed my way through the entire beginning. There are some truly classic lines, very reminiscent of Terry Pratchett. … A hugely fun adventure in the Afterlife.”  Kerry Nangell

 “Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster by Alicia L Wright is a humorous take on mythology and the afterlife featuring strong female characters.” FantasyBookReview.co.uk

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Emma's Stormy Summer

“Dad thinks I’m a nuisance”

It may be sunny but Emma’s perfect world seems to be unravelling in front of her. First her friend  Becca started being horrible to EVERYONE and now Dad is ignoring her and acting weird.

Emma can’t help but worry that it is all her fault and as the storm clouds gather over her Dad she feels more and more guilty and responsible. If only she could get everything back to normal.

This summer she realises that growing up can be a rollercoaster and maybe, just maybe, she should relax and enjoy the ride.

 “This is a story that girls will enjoy particularly, and the problems encountered – the bullying and Emma’s father’s illness – are handled at a level that is good for younger readers. A good, involving read.” www.healthybooks.org.uk

“A very British story that deals well with issues of change and uncertainty. Strong themes of family and friendship show that change can sometimes be for the better.” Farthing Books

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